Jaya Bachchan hits out at Kangana, Ravi Kishan

Rajya Sabha member and veteran actor Jaya Bachchan on Tuesday blasted Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders Ravi Kishan and Kangana Ranaut for their attempts to slander the film industry.

The leader of the Samawadi Party did not reveal any names when speaking in the upper house.

Jaya Bachchan hits out at Kangana, Ravi Kishan

 Jaya Bachchan hits out at Kangana, Ravi Kishan

Jaya Bachchan’s speech came the day after BJP’s Lok Sabha MP and popular Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan stated that there is a drug problem in the film industry. They also came after actor Kangana Ranaut’s recent remarks called Bollywood a “gutter”.

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Bakchan said that in the zero time zone, the entertainment industry is being plagued by social media and demanded the government to protect and support it.

What she said is:

* Samajwadi Party MP stated that she totally disagrees with those who call the entertainment industry a “gutter”. “People who are famous in this industry call it a drain. I totally disagree, I really have no contact,” she said.

* Bachchan said that when referring to Kishan’s statement about the so-called Bollywood drug cartel in Lok Sabha, she was “really embarrassed and ashamed”. “Gistali Mein Kathai Usme Chad Kathai. Galat baat hai,” she said is a popular Hindi proverb, which means to bite your hand.

*She said that the country’s entertainment industry provides direct employment for 500,000 people and indirect employment for 5 million people every day. She said: “Under the depressing financial situation, the employment rate is at the worst level. In order to divert people’s attention, we are fascinated by social media.” The government has no support.

* Bachchan said the government should step forward and support the entertainment industry. She said: “I want the government to tell these people who earn income, reputation and reputation in the industry to stop using this language.” “There are people in the entertainment industry who are the most tax-paying in the country. They are still being harassed.” She Say.

*”I think the government must support the entertainment industry because it will always come forward to help the government do any outstanding work. They come to speak for them, they support them. If there is a national disaster, they will come forward and they will provide money and Service,” she said.

* “I think the government must support this industry instead of stifling it, which is very, very important. Just because there are few people, it cannot destroy the image of the entire industry.” She said, adding that the industry not only has political ambitions, but also It also has international popularity and popularity.

* “Sir, I am very hardworking and excited. I have too much to say, but you have not given me enough time and opportunities,” she told Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu. She also said: “I need protection, and the industry needs government protection and support.”